Welcome, I'm Jan

 I work with heart-centered healers & women in business to create their ideal life.

What makes me unique as a coach

is using my empathic gifts

to help understand 

my clients better.




Clarity Strategy Action


With over 30 years experience, Jan is a Transformational Coach

 whose background includes: Tapping Into Wealth coach program, 

Naturopathic Physician (ret)


hypnotherapist, and behavior therapy.

In her spare time Jan is a master gardener whose therapy is gardening and nature.

           "I am writing to commend Jan Gagnon on her coaching abilities. I was thrilled with the techniques that she used and her ability to synthesize so quickly the main issue.  I had felt stuck for over one year and was not able to move past my last disappointing and devastating job experience. Ms. Gagnon helped me to focus on my career and how devastated I had felt after my last position was terminated. I felt her skill, her knowledge and also her kind, caring manner. I felt heard and valued....

My experience was fabulous and I would highly recommend her as a coach

or in any capacity in which she could assist someone to the next level in their growth."


     Sharon Mainguy    

 Review 2/14/19

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Money is a metaphor for our ability to receive.

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